The Night Comer

Mecca. 1 Section. 17 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

1. By the heaven and the night comer.

2. And have you known anything, what the night comer is?

3. The bright shining star.

4. There is no soul but there is a guardian over it.

5. Then let man consider, from what he is created.

6. Created from a gushing water.

7. Which comes out from between the loins and the ribs.

8. Undoubtedly, Allah has power to restore him.

9. The day when the secrets shall be tested.

l0. Then man shall have no strength, no helper.

11. By heaven from which rain pours down,

12. And the earth that splits thereof.

13. Undoubtedly, Quran is necessarily a decisive word.

14. And it is no merriment.

15. Undoubtedly, the infidels are planning their own plan.

16. And I arrange My secret plan.

17. So give a long rope to the infidels, give them some time.

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