The City

Mecca. 1 Section. 20 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

1. I swear by this City;

2. And O beloved! you are dwelling in this city;

3. And by your father Ibrahim and his progeny that you are;

4. Undoubtedly, We created man in toil.

5. Does man think that none will overcome him?

6. He says, 'I have wasted heaps of wealth;

7 Does man think that none has seen him?

8. have We not made his two eyes;

9. And a tongue and two lips'?

10. And pointed to him the way of two raised things.

11. Then he hurried not to the steep valley without deliberation;

12. And what did you know what that valley is?

13. It is the freeing of the neck of a bondman.

14. Or providing food in a day of hunger.

15. To an orphan near' of kin;

16. Or to a poor man lying in the dust.

17. Again, he should he of those who believed and counseled among themselves to be steadfast and counseled among themselves to be merciful.

18. These are the people of the right .

19. But those who disbelieved Our signs, they are the people of , the left.

20 Over them is a fire, that after casting them therein it has been closed from above.

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